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We believe people have immense potential that can be actualized in the pursuit of organizations' goals in a win - win manner. Our vision is to generate and disseminate knowledge, skills, attitudes and motivations using the state-of-art in the field of behavioural science in the service of this objective.


To provide comprehensive services in the areas of acquisition, assessment and development of people and teams to enable superlative performance. And be the leading providers of services in the field.


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UTSAV (Ultimate Transformation of Self And Values) is a strategic HR consulting and change management firm. It provides services and products for Organisation Development, People Development & Assessment, and Knowledge Generation. We enable organisations to realize their full potential by actualizing the talent of their people.

We are a team of behavioural scientists who specialize in behavioural dynamics in organisations. Our interventions range from training, talent assessment, policy guidelines, group dynamics management, leadership development, cultural change, surveys, individual coaching to designing HR processes.

Our unique style of consulting energizes the organisation to break new achievement barriers and that becomes our inspirational fuel to give our best.

Our team members are seasoned professionals and accredited in OD Consulting, T group , Transactional Analysis , Achievement Motivation, MBTI, NLP, and similar specializations.Our work speaks for itself. Many of our satisfied clients in Pharma, Telecom, International organisations, and Manufacturing sector bear testimony of our effectiveness.

Our team is led by Pradeep Prakash, an engineer with masters degree in business administration. He has an experience of over 34 years in teaching, marketing, sales, manufacturing, training and OD consulting. He is a professional member of Indian Society of Applied Behavioural Sciences ( ISABS) New Delhi. His book, Knock and the Door shall be Opened has been widely appreciated in professional and lay circles. He is pioneering the movement of Good Behavioural Practices (GBP) in India for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Services

UTSAV Management Consultants (UMC) offer consultancy services to support HRD/OD efforts of organizations to improve their performance / effectiveness.

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"Sharpening the saw" is very important to be efficient and effective. Employees need to be trained or sharpened to perform their roles better at present and in future.

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We provide psychometric testing services for Recruitment, Promotion, Training & Development and Self Development. We also conduct Employee Engagement Surveys for organizations. Our psychometric tests can help individuals deepen their self-awareness and develop their personal skills.

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The present scenario calls for optimal utilization of its resources. Human resource, among all other resources, proves to be most crucial.

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Performance of employees directly and exponentially affects the organizational effectiveness or performance. Hence employee performance needs to be accurately assessed and improved periodically. Performance Management System plays a crucial role in that process.

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The goal of Counseling is for clients to recover from their past wounds and move towards a lifestyle of healing, finding freedom from their pain. Coaching is for people who desire to see improvement and beneficial change in their lives.

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UTSAV Management Consultants conducts both inbound and outbound corporate training programs.Our customized corporate training programs are highly interactive and experiential so that understanding of concepts is strong and transfer is effective.

Team Building



Managing High-Potential Employees: Managers Can Make the Difference
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-Leadership Development Program-

T-Group / Sensitivity Training


Self-Awareness and Sensitivity (Individual, Interpersonal and Group level)
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-T-Group / Sensitivity Training-

outbound training

outbound corporate training programs

Outbound team building activities are designed specifically for experiential and adventure based learning
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-Outbound Training Program-

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

People with higher emotional intelligence find it easier to form and maintain interpersonal relationships and to fit into group situations.
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-Training Program on Emotional Intelligence-

Communication and Presentation Skills


We help people become more effective, more confident and more dynamic communicators. Effective communication makes for effective business.
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-Communication and Presentation Skills-


About Pradeep Prakash

Pradeep Prakash

Principal Consultant

Pradeep Prakash has close to 35 years of work experience that includes teaching, sales, marketing, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and behavioural training & consulting after graduating in engineering and management.

He has been involved in training of thousands of executives from all the leading names in India and multinationals operating in India. He has successfully executed number of Organization wide cultural change initiatives in Pharma (especially GBP, Good Behavioural Practices paradigm for Pharma), Power and environment sectors leading to massive transformations and business turnarounds.

He has developed some very valuable psychometric instruments for recruitment and personality assessment. His expertise in this field is widely used by variety of organizations for improving the quality of their recruitment, besides running assessment and development centers for their employees. Moreover, he has also developed some instruments for niche areas like investors & traders, where psychological qualities are of great importance in success.

He has authored two books on Human processes & Self-empowerment, namely "Knock and the Door shall be Opened" and "Psychology of Joy!". Also he has authored one novel, "Shreya-The Blossoming of a Kashmiri Pandit Girl" and written various articles on behavioural learning and growth. His books have been widely appreciated in professional and lay circles. His expertise in sales training, empowerment, group dynamics, achievement motivation, leadership, stress management and EQ programmes is well known.

He was board member of premier organisation of behavioural scientists in India namely Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences (ISABS) from Jan 2007 till March2010.

He is passionate about discovery and spread of human processes through writing and training, spiritual growth of self and others and contributing meaningfully in making this world a better place to live in.


Our training is simple to understand, quick to use, and easy to recall
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